For everyone's safety and in line with current recommended practice for small public venues, Music in Dollar has put in place some Covid-19 precautions. We've tried to keep this simple and pragmatic, so we can stay safe and enjoy the concerts.

  • We ask everyone to sanitise their hands when entering the concert venue.
  • Note your name and phone number on the Test and Protect sheet. Only one person in each group needs to do this.
  • As with all indoor venues, please wear a face mask while moving around. It can be taken off while seated.
  • We don't operate an allocated seating policy, but instead ask groups to sit together and keep a gap of 1-2 seats between yourselves and other groups. We have slightly rearranged the seating so that there is an additional 'corridor' down the middle, to help avoid having to squeeze past others while taking your seat.
  • Drinks will be available during the interval, as usual. However, the lobby is quite narrow so a one-way system will be operated. People should make their way to the South exit to the hall (furthest away from the outside door). To make this easy to understand, posters will indicate which way to move. Drinks will be sitting on a table in the lobby and can be picked up quickly. As always donations are appreciated to cover the cost. Please take your drink back to your seat. Glasses can be dropped off in the lobby when you leave at the end of the concert.
  • We don't yet have a bank card reader and still rely on cash for entrance payment and drinks. Please try to have the correct change available to avoid exchange of coins and notes.
  • At the end of the concert, it's important that everyone leaves in order, to avoid a lot of people bunched together in the lobby. We will ask that each row leaves in turn, starting from the top of the hall, and going out through the marked door.


for your cooperation. Hopefully it will all be straightforward and we can relax and enjoy live music again!